The Ladies’ Killing Circle’s first anthology was published in 1995 and followed by six more books. Forty eight writers contributed stories. Sadly, two, Audrey Jessup, one of the original Ladies, and Elizabeth Syme have died and we have lost track of others. We do know that many of our writers, some of whom had their first published work in one of our anthologies, have gone on to publish books and stories and win awards. Here are their names and the updated information from those who responded to our questionnaire.


Lou Allin

My story "I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles" is in Bone Dance.

I have two mystery series, one set in N Ontario, featuring an amateur-sleuth realtor, and the other here on Vancouver Island in a small RCMP detachment. Other than that, I have two standalones, one in Michigan and the other in Utah. Recently I've been writing for Orca's Rapid Reads line and have two entries. Now I'm working on a historical set in 1896 Victoria.

My bush poodle, Friday, star of her own book, is now eleven and blind. But she's a feisty one, walks fearlessly, and runs the house. I also have two border collies in agility, Zia and Zodie. My dogs pester me constantly about when "their" next book will be out. I've never written a book without a dog.


Rosemary Aubert

My story Getting Rid of Cottage Pests was published in Cottage Country Killers in 1997. Since then, I have had the Ellis Portal series published as well as a stand-alone called The Judge of Orphans. I am presently still writing and also teaching novels and novel writing at the School of Continuing Studies at the University of Toronto and at Loyalist College in Belleville, Ontario. I won the Arthur Ellis Award twice: once for my short story The Midnight Boat to Palermo and once for my novel The Feast of Stephen.


Jean Rae Baxter

What story or stories did you have in which anthology or anthologies?


Going out with a Bang

Do you have other published fiction? What have you written?

A Twist of Malice (2005) Short stories

The Way Lies North (2007) Novel

Looking for Cardenio (2008) Novel

Broken Trail (2011) Novel

Scattered Light (2012) Short Stories

Freedom Bound (2012) Novel

Plus too many short stories to list, in various anthologies, journals and magazines.

Are you still writing?


Anything else we should know? Awards? TV shows? Song lyrics?

Moonbeam Gold Medal (2011)

John Kenneth Galbraith Firsr Place (2010)

Shorlisted for Ontario Library Association Red Maple Award and BC Stellar Award (2009)

Winner, Hamilton Arts Council Best Young Adult Novel (2009)


Do you have pets and, if you do, can you briefly tell us something about them/My irreplaceable Scottish terrier Robby died a little over one year ago. It was an honour to be the guardian of a creature so much my superior in every way. Robby let me know this every day.


Sandra Beswetheric

My story "An Omen for Gwen" appears in When Boomers Go Bad under my pen name

Kathryn Cross.  "For The Sake of Francine" appears in Going Out with a Bang.

"The Twlight Zone on the Rideau Canal" appears in Sue Pike's Locked Up.

(As a side note -- The first story I submitted to the Ladies was The Cat

Came Back for Bone Dance.  It was rejected.  However one very kind member

added a note that she

thought the story publishable and suggested I submit it to a magazine.  I

took her advice and Ellery Queen purchased that story much to my surprised


Approximately 200 of my short stories have made it to print, stories for both children and

adults.  Highlights for Children magazine has awarded me their Author of the

Month award six times. My stories have been published in Australia, Canada, Ireland,

Norway, Sweden, the UK and the USA.  I'm still writing but not as much as I

should or would like.  (TV shows?  I


We have 2 cats.  Becky who is 13 years old and Sara who's 4.  Becky was a

stray who gave birth to her kittens under our front deck.  Sara delights in

catching chipmunks and bringing them into the house so we all can enjoy an

exciting game of chase in getting them outdoors again.  Many of my stories

feature cats, of course.


Joan Boswell

My first published story appeared in The Ladies’ Killing Circle followed by stories in the next six anthologies. Besides short stories in many magazines and anthologies I have three books in the Hollis Grant series -Cut Off His Tale, Cut to the Quick, Cut to the Bone and a fourth, Cut to the Bone, which will be available in November. In 2000 I won the Toronto Star Short Story Contest. Three Flat Coat retrievers have not yet accepted me as alpha dog but I keep trying.


Victoria Cameron

What story or stories did you have in which anthology or anthologies?

I have a story in every anthology.

Do you have other published fiction? What have you written?

I have 2 collections of short stories, two novels, and stories in several magazines and anthologies. I also have two non-fiction books.

Are you still writing?

I am writing ESL picture books for use in Korea.

Anything else we should know? Awards? TV shows? Song lyrics?

My first novel was nominated for an Edgar and an Arthur Ellis. I have had two short stories nominated for the Arthur Ellis. I also had two stories published on coffee can labels.

Do you have pets and, if you do, can you briefly tell us something about them?

Sadly, we are pet-free after the death of our ninth dog in 33 years.


Brenda Chapman

My short story "My Sister Caroline" was in When Boomers Go Bad. This was my only submission to the anthologies.

I have other published fiction - The Jennifer Bannon mysteries for ages 10+ (Running Scared, Hiding in Hawk's Creek, Where Trouble Leads and Trail of Secrets).(Dundurn)

Also In Winter's Grip - an adult murder mystery (Dundurn) and The Second Wife (adult Rapid Reads with Orca).

Second Chances will be out this September from Dundurn - it is a coming of age YA novel set in 1971 and Cold Mourning, the first in an adult mystery series, will be published by Dundurn in fall 2013..

Hiding in Hawk's Creek was shortlisted by the Canadian Authors Association for 2006 children's book of the year and The Second Wife was shortlisted for a Golden Oak award in 2012.

We had a cat named Cootsie who ruled the street and lived to be nineteen. We do not have any pets now, but I've fallen for my daughter's one-year old Maltese named George who comes to visit often.



Sandy Conrad



Rose DeShaw



Kathryne Finn

"From this Wicked Fall" in Bone Dance 

2. I have just finished an historical novel set in the 14th and 15th centuries about the first woman to have her work printed in the English language. The book is called The Julyana Chroniles.  (Two of the characters in "From this Wicked Fall" reappear in it.)

 3. Yes, still writing.  Think my next project will be revising and getting together a chapbook collection of old poems.

 4.  Ah, pets.  You don't know what you are asking.  Let's start with the dogs: Shadow, the biggest Lab mix on the planet, who was literally dropped on my Nova Scotia doorstep when he was 4 weeks old; and Avie, a Great Pyrenees rescue, who is great indeed, and the biggest lovebug in Central Virginia.  Then there are the cats -- six, to be exact.  One has been my one-eyed snuggler for 15 years. One chose me and this house when it was being renovated and missing a wall or two.  She had three kittens in the basement, two of whom are still here in the rather excessive flesh, and their brother who, though buried in the garden, is with us in spirit.  One came in out of the woods and recognised a sucker as soon as he saw me.  And speaking of which, my neice foisted off her college cat on us when she left school and had to enter the real world.  She couldn't be adopted elsewhere because she bites people.  So .               . .



Barbara Fradkin

1. Had stories in each of the anthologies, and two in the first:

LKC Secrets of the Night

      The Sign

CCK - The Inheritance

MIM - Hand of God

FTD - Double TRouble

BD - The Minstrel Boy

Boomers - Spoils of War

Bang - A Three-Splash Day

2. Eight novels in the Inspector Green series, plus one pending 2013, and two (one out in Sept.) in Cedric O'Toole Rapid Reads series.

3. Yes. Furiously.

4. Four Arthur Ellis short story nominations and three best novel nominations, of which two Best Novel awards

5. I've always had dogs and/or cats. I currently have two Nova Scotia duck tolling retrievers, one very old and mellow, the other a firecracker.


Melanie Fogel

What story or stories did you have in which anthology or anthologies?

Plenty of Time/When Boomers Go Bad

There's a Word for It/Fit to Die

The Clerk's Tale/whatever the first one was called

Refrain/Menopause Is Murder

Do you have other published fiction? 

Yes. Currently in print: "The Yellow Fox" in On the Premises and Pied-à-

terre in "Tattered Souls II".

What have you written?

In fiction, mostly SF&F under pseudonyms. Also newspaper & magazine 

articles, op-ed pieces, ad copy, technical manuals & 2 books for 


Are you still writing?


Anything else we should know? Awards? TV shows? Song lyrics?


Do you have pets ...




Susan C Gates

Stories published by the Ladies’ Killing Circle:

“ Rock-a-bye Baby,” Bone Dance

“Glass Eats Light,” When Boomers go Bad“

Courting Frank,” Going Out with a Bang

I continue work on a novel,  Paper Daughter, featuring Geri Doolan, a former city crime reporter and new small town funeral home co-owner. I have also contributed articles to the blog Mystery Maven Canada, Breast Cancer Action Ottawa’s newsletter and am a sporadic Letters to the Editor writer on matters of (my) social concern. To combine my love of cooking, eating and writing, I am formulating a series titled Solo Sustenance with Style.

When I was first published in an LKC anthology, I was the human companion of two Ottawa Humane Society adoptees Shih Tzus, Molly and Murphy. Today my canine companion is Winnie, a 6 year-old Shih Tzu/Bichon Frisée mix. Winnie gives back to the OHS for her ‘rescue’ by volunteering in their Brightening Lives program. We make weekly visits to a number of social service agencies where Winnie’s winning ways spread love and cheer.



Therese Greenwood

What story or stories did you have in which anthology or anthologies?

Oh my goodness, the LKC has been very good to me. Proud to be a "hanger-on":

"Dead Man's Shoes," Locked Up, Deadlock Press, Spring 2007

"A Little Bit Easy," When Boomers Go Bad, Rendezvous Press, Summer 2005

"Grudge Match," Fit to Die, Ladies Killing Circle, 2001

"Holding Down the Fort" in Cottage Country Killers, General Store Publishing, 1997

Shortlisted, Arthur Ellis Award for Best Short Story, 2000, for "Fair Lady" in Menopause Is Murder

Do you have other published fiction? What have you written?

"Wrecked" Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, Spring 2012

"Counting on Christmas" Kingston Life, Winter 2010

"The Casket of Doom" Osprey Media Group, July 2008

"Crown Witness" Osprey Media Group, July 2007

"One Horse Open Sleigh," Kingston Whig-Standard, December 2006

"Kingston Confidential," Osprey Media Group, July 2006

"Attack the Queen," Osprey Media Group, July 2005

"The Last of the Wallaces," Kingston Life, Winter 2004

"Radio Free Santa," Kingston Whig-Standard, December 2004

"A Minor Rebellion," Osprey Media Group, July 2004

"A Way with Horses," Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, Sept-Oct 2004 -- recently reprinted in Spring 2012 in Ellery Queen's first-ever Kindle anthology, The Crooked Road

"Dr. Spankie's Car," Osprey Media Group, 2003

"Good Thieves," Kingston Whig-Standard, 2002

"Sister Companion," Over The Edge, Crime Writers of Canada, 2000

Are you still writing?


Anything else we should know? Awards? TV shows? Song lyrics?

Just won the CBC-CWS Flash Fiction contest for Crime Writing month 2012 with my 600-word short story "Bottom of the Barrel".

For past decade co-edited, with Jake Doherty, the Sun Media Summer Mystery Festival, a series of short crime fiction appearing in newspapers across Canada.

And of course co-founder of the Wolfe Island Scene of the Crime Festival.

Shortlisted, Arthur Ellis Award for Best Short Story, 2004, for "A Christmas Bauble" in the Kingston Whig-Standard, December 2003. Reprinted in Blood on the Holly, Baskerville Books (September 2007).

Winner, Bony Pete Best Short Story Contest, Bloody Words 2000, for "A Jury of Her Peers." The story has been reprinted several times, including a Russian translation appearing in the November 2007 all-Canadian edition of Inostrannaya Literatura (Foreign Literature), published by Inostranka of Moscow.

I tweet at -- follow me!

Do you have pets and, if you do, can you briefly tell us something about them?

Ridiculously fat marmalade cat named Spot.



Linda Hall

What story or stories did you have in which anthology or anthologies?

A Nice Cup of Something Hot  - WHEN BOOMERS GO BAD

Mad Scientist  - GOING OUT WITH A BANG

Do you have other published fiction? What have you written?

I have written and published 18 novels of mystery and suspense. Do you want all of the titles? Most recently I've had 6 novels published with Harlequin's Love Inspired Suspense line. 

Are you still writing?

Oh yes. I can't imagine I will ever stop! Just yesterday I finished the first novel in a new series that I am writing for the general mystery market. I sent it in to my agent, so I am now able to relax for a little bit.  I'm going to take a few weeks break from writing, and then I plan to work on a few short mystery stories before I begin #2 in that series. 

Anything else we should know? Awards? TV shows? Song lyrics?

A number of my books have received awards. Most recently SHADOWS AT THE WINDOW was the Romantic Times Magazine Reviewer's Choice Award winner. 

BLACK ICE was named "Book of the Year" by the American Christian Fiction Writers' and STEAL AWAY was awarded Best Christian mystery in Canada. 

I have others that go back many years - but they're all on my website.


Do you have pets and, if you do, can you briefly tell us something about them?

Oh, I have a wonderfully gentle and lovely black cat named Captain Hook. We got him from th SPCA when he was a year and a bit old, and his tail is crooked. (we don't know his story), hence his name. He's 'Cappy' for short. My husband and I are so devoted to him, and he is the world's most spoiled cat, I think. But, he's worth it. My husband and I have a sailboat that we spend our summers on, and he loves to go sailing with us.


R.J. Harlick

R.J. Harlick is an escapee from the high tech jungle. After working for over twenty-five years in the computer industry, first for major corporations then for her own management consultancy practice, she decided that pursuing killers by pen would be more fun than chasing the elusive computer bug. Originally from Toronto, she, along with her husband Jim and giant poodle Sterling, now divides her time between her home in Ottawa and log cabin in West Quebec. A lover of the outdoors, she can often be found roaming the surrounding forests or canoeing the waterways. Because of this love for the untamed wilds, she decided that she would bring its seductive allure alive in her writings.

Madeleine Harris-Callway

I'm delighted to be included in the Ladies' Facebook page.  My story, "The

Dog on Balmy Beach", was published in Going Out with a Bang.

I have published other stories as follows:

"Christmas in Alice", in Blood on the Holly, Baskerville Press,


"The Widows and Orphans Fund" in Futures Mystery Anthology Magazine,


"Kill the Boss" in Silver Moon Magazine, 2006; reprinted in Mouth

Full of Bullets, 2007.

Since Going Out with a Bang, I have devoted my time to novel writing.  My as

yet unpublished novel, Gunning for Bear, was short-listed for the Debut

Dagger and for the Unhanged Arthur.  Dundern is reviewing it now so you

never know!

I haven't done much short story writing until this year when I had the idea

for "The Lizard". I was absolutely thrilled to win the Bony Pete this year!

Here is a listing of my awards and nominations:

Short-listed, Unhanged Arthur Award, 2012 for best unpublished

novel, Gunning for Bear.

Winner, Bony Pete Award, 2012 for best short story, "The Lizard".

Short-listed, Debut Dagger Award, 2009 for best unpublished novel,

Gunning for Bear, original entitled, The Land of Sun and Fun.

Winner of Crime Writers of Canada Golden Horseshoe Award, 2005 for

best short story, "Kill the Boss".

My husband and I are animal lovers though he prefers dogs and I much prefer

cats. Right now we share our Victorian house with two cats, Midnight and

Jet, who we have raised from kittens.  Midnight is very old now (19) and not

doing so well. Jet is a happy affectionate 11 year old.


Maureen Jennings

Maureen Jennings is the author of the Murdoch Mysteries, a historical series set in Victorian Toronto. The first book, Except the Dying, won the Certificate of Commendation from Heritage Toronto. CHUM television has ordered the creation of an exciting new 13-episode series, The Murdoch Mysteries, based on these novels. The K Handshape is the second in Maureen's new series featuring Christine Morris. The first, Does Your Mother Know? (Dundurn, 26), is currently in its second printing. Maureen lives in Toronto with her husband and two dogs

Mary Keenan


Cecilia Kennedy

It is nice to be included in the recognition of a venture that added both mystery and humour, not to speak of publishing opportunities for women writers in Canada.  So congratulations!

In answer to your questions:

"Knocking on Heaven's Door" was published in Bone Dance, 2003

"A Graceful Retirement" was published in When Boomers Go Bad, 2004

Yes, I am still writing, though I had a spell with cancer and have had to return to full time work and that has slowed me down.  I've had a few essays, (Globe & Mail) stories (Ten Stories High Anthology) and poems (The Antigonish Review) published here and there.  But my greatest excitement is the recent news that Red Deer Press has accepted a young adult novel, forthcoming in 2013/14.

I have a Jack Russell Terrier named Edward Burne-Jones after the pre-Raphaelite painter so that no one will mistakenly think that "Eddie" got his name from the Fraser television show. 



Day’s Lee

My story "A Matter of the Heart" was published in Fit to Die and "The Red Pagoda" was published in When Boomers Go Bad. I have a children's picture book "The Fragrant Garden" which was published in 2005 and nominated "Our Choice" by the Canadian Children's Book Centre. Recently I finished writing a Young Adult novel entitled "Guitar Hero". I have also published several short stories and articles for magazines. I'm now in the process of rewriting "The Red Pagoda" as a play. My e-mail address is and you can get more information about my writing on my web site


Janice MacDonald

My story, "Call Him Ishmael" was in When Boomers Go Bad. My other published work ranges from plays and song lyrics to the Randy Craig Mystery series, set in Edmonton, and in particular around academe. The latest, HANG DOWN YOUR HEAD, spent more than five months on the bestseller list in Edmonton and has already gone into a second printing. I also have written "The Ghouls' Night Out", an award-winning children's book; True North -- a university textbook on composition and rhetoric; two non-fiction books dealing with Alberta's natural and human history; and I produce the "Edmonton" sections of a colour travel guide sold mostly to Europeans that is now in its fourth edition.

 I do have pets, even though our kids and I are allergic to dogs and cats. We veer to the extremely cute, and have at present a budgie named Lily, a very cranky cockatiel named Sylvia (who is featured in an issue of The Banjo Newsletter for liking to walk down my arm and act as a corsage when I play), and a resident hamster named Scott Bakula. My beloved beta fish, Trixie Belden, died while I was attending Bloody Words, and I have not yet replaced her.

Mary Jane Maffini 

Mary Jane Maffini is a lapsed librarian and a mystery addict. She is the author of six Camilla MacPhee mysteries, two Fiona Silk adventures, five Charlotte Adams books, and nearly two dozen short stories. She holds two Arthur Ellis Awards for best mystery short story, as well as the Derrick Murdoch lifetime achievement award. Speak Ill of the Dead was shortlisted for an Arthur Ellis Award for best first novel and Lament for a Lounge Lizard for best novel. Mary Jane lives and plots in Ottawa.

Victoria Maffini

Violette Malin

What story or stories did you have in which anthology or anthologies?

"Las Flacas" in Fit to Die (my first published story)

"Let Me Drive" in Bone Dance.

Do you have other published fiction? What have you written?

In addition to a couple of other mystery stories published here and there, I

edited the Canadian crime anthology Dead in the Water with Therese Greenwood

I've had 5 fantasy novels published with DAW, The Mirror Prince, The

Sleeping God, The Soldier King, The Storm Witch, and Path of the Sun. The

6th, Shadowlands, will be out in August.

Are you still writing?

That would be a yes.

Anything else we should know? Awards? TV shows? Song lyrics?


Do you have pets and, if you do, can you briefly tell us something about


I have a cat, Oro. On the Queen to Chucklehead scale, she's a Chucklehead.


H. Mel Malton

H. Mel Malton was born in England and emigrated with her family to Canada in the 1960s. She grew up in Bracebridge, Ontario, and spent six years at post-secondary studies in various places, including the Ontario College of Art, Ryerson Theatre School and Acadia University. She is still diploma-free. Mel spent ten years or so touring North America in the professional theatre business as both actor and stage manager, but eventually gave up "the security of working for underfunded arts organizations" for the comfortable safety-net offered by a writing career. She recently moved to Nova Scotia, where she lives in the Annapolis Valley with her two dogs, Karma and Ego. She is a member of Crime Writers of Canada and her first mystery novel, Down in the Dumps (Rendezvous Press, 1998) was short-listed for an Arthur Ellis Award for Best First Crime Novel. Her second Polly Deacon novel, Cue the Dead Guy, was released in 1999, the third, Dead Cow in Aisle Three, was published in the fall of 2001, followed by One Large Coffin To Go in 2003. Her first young adult series, The Alan Nearing Mysteries, began with The Drowned Violin, (2006) and was followed by Pioneer Poltergeist in the fall of 2007.

Joy Hewitt Mann

Michelle Marcotte

Marguertite McDonald

Nancy McQueen

I had a story "A Really Good Day" published in the 7th Ladies Killing Circle anthology GOING OUT WITH A BANG. I don't as yet have other published fiction--but am still trying.  I recently retired and hope to spend more time on writing.I had a story called "Paper Villains"  come in second for the 2010 Bony Pete. 

Oh, I wish I had other awards, TV shows, lyrics, etc., but alas . . . 

I did have a Quaker Parrot, who unfortunately died a couple of years ago.  I am thinking about whether I should get another pet, now that I've retired, but haven't decided yet.

I also wanted to add how much I appreciated the Ladies Killing Circle for including my story in the 7th anthology.  There are so few places that publish short mystery fiction, and it was a personal thrill for me to have been included.


Jenifer McVaugh

Brenda Missen

What story or stories did you have in which anthology or anthologies?

"It Must Have Been the Sherry," in Cottage Country Killers (pp. 147-158)

 Do you have other published fiction? What have you written?

 Novel: Tell Anna She's Safe (Inanna Publications & Education, 2011). A thriller based on the true story of Ottawa freelance writer Louise Ellis, who went missing in 1995.  

 Short fiction: “Jockey for Women,” in the Algonquin Roundtable Review, Issue No. 2, Summer 2000.

 Are you still writing?

Oh yes. Currently revising a contemplative memoir based on eight solo canoe trips taken in Algonquin Park over a period of eight years.  I plan to start the sequel soon. A second novel is also in first draft, loosely based on the disappearance of my two dogs, Joy and Hershie, in 2008.

 Anything else we should know? Awards? TV shows? Song lyrics?

 “Jockey for Women” won second prize in the Ottawa Independent Writers' short story contest in 1996.

 I’ve had several personal essays published in magazines:

 "Child of the Yukon," a personal essay about a white-water canoe trip down the Bonnet Plume River, in Canoeroots, Summer/Fall 2009.

 "Nightmare Bear?" a personal essay about an Algonquin Park bear encounter, in the Canadian Wildlife Federation magazine Canadian Wildlife, Vol. 10, No. 5, March 2005.

 "The Clean Water Dream," a profile of Ottawa paddler Max Finkelstein, in the Canadian Recreational Canoeing Association magazine Kanawa, Fall 1990.

 I’ve also had many personal essays published in my local newspaper Barry’s Bay This Week, including my “Camp Auntie Brenda” series (4 articles) and my “Transformed by...” series (3 articles).

 Do you have pets and, if you do, can you briefly tell us something about them?

I have a dog named Maddy (named after the Madawaska River) who is an Akita/Australian shepherd mix. She loves to do everything I do – hiking, canoeing, swimming (she follows along the shore), writing on the dock (me in the Muskoka chair, she underneath). She’s the best canoeing partner I’ve ever had, heading for the dock as soon as she hears the word “boat,” sitting in the bow when I need ballast in the wind, and snuggling against my leg when I need warmth on a cool evening – all of these things making up for the fact that she can’t do her share of the actual paddling.

 If you’re able to provide links, my website is (I don’t have a facebook page) and my email address is


Eliza Moorhouse


Liz Palmer

I had stories in all but the first of your anthologies. I've written lots of stuff but am much too lazy to send anything anywhere. 

Right now I am on the third book of a fantasy trilogy but it doesn't get further than my head so doesn't count! (positively slothful)

I did get short listed for the Arthur Ellis for the story in ? Bone Dance, I think.

Won the CCW contest once. 

Last pet passed away at 20. TC, temporary cat, arrived as a stray pregnant kitten which I was not planning to keep having just agreed to adopt a main coon kitten. Ended up with main coon nursing from TC who outlived Napolean by 2 years.


Bev Panassky


Sue Pike

I have a story in each of our seven anthologies and

"Widow's Weeds" from Cottage Country Killers was winner of The Arthur Ellis Award for Best Mystery Short Story, 1996.

I started my own publishing business and published Locked Up, tales of mystery and mischance along Canada's Rideau Canal Waterway, Deadlock Press, 2007 and Shillings by Vicki Cameron, Deadlock Press, 2007

I have published three stories in Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine and my story "A Temporary Crown" published in Murder in Vegas, edited by Michael Connelly, was chosen for Best American Mystery Stories, Houghton Mifflin, 2006

I'm still writing sporadically and I have an Australian Shepherd, Cooper, who is either an inspiration to my writing or a distraction, depending on the day and hour.


Winner, Arthur Ellis Award for Best Mystery Short Story, 1996 "Widow's Weeds"

Winner, Bony Pete, Bloody Words Short Story Award, 1999 "Boarding School Reach"


Madona Skaff


Coleen Steele

I had stories in two of your anthologies: "Them There Eyes" in Bone Dance and "When the Whistle Blows" in Going Out with a Bang.

I also had several stories published in Storyteller Magazine.

Two of my stories were short-listed for the Arthur Ellis Award, and one story was awarded the Boney Pete Award at Bloody Words.


I love the old radio shows (I own and regularly listen to the complete set of Jack Benny shows - about 800!) and tried my hand at turning one of my short stories into a play in the same style.  It won the Phil Harper Award from Imagination Theatre for Best Radio Script and was produced and aired on stations across North America - very thrilling!

Most of my published work is set in the Toronto area of the 1940's. Currently I'm working on a police procedural novel set in small-town Ontario in 1939, the first of a planned Canadian Homefront series. There is a bit of an unusual twist to the series, but I'll keep that to myself for now - and no, it doesn't involve vampires!

And what kind of writer would I be without an animal friend? I have a five-year-old rough collie named Jazz. He's clumsy and a little dopey, but he's beautiful, loveable and gives the best hugs!


Lorie Lee Steiner


My short story 'Cobwebs' was published in the anthology "Going Out with a BANG". 

 While primarily a freelance non-fiction writer, and Contributing Editor at Arabella: Canadian Art, Architecture & Design Magazine (my day job), I do have two mystery novels in the works, which I hope to have ready for submission by year's end. (Working titles "Blood & Breakfast" and "Sealed with a Crypt"). 

 I have had more than three dozen articles published in various magazines, including a feature story on Canada's first crime writer, Grant Allen, and the Scene of the Crime festival at Wolfe Island. (The Country Connection Magazine Summer 2011) . Many of my articles are based on history and Ontario heritage architecture, and there is often a mystery and even an unnatural demise from the past involved. 

 For the last three years, I have also volunteered as a mentor at a Seniors Memoir Writing Class called Lifescapes ... the stories that come from these long-lived guys and gals are priceless and amazing!

My muse and best friend is Tobe, our 8  yr old collie/golden retriever cross, who inspires me with muffled comments and huge puppy eyes from his spot in a comfy old chair beside my desk. Resident cats Mary Jane ( 19 yrs young!) and Neddie (age 9) also voice their opinions, and rounding out the 'menage a many' are turtles, herons, geese, ducks, bull frogs and raccoons that inhabit the area in and around our backyard pond. Speaking of pets, I guess that would include hubby Jeff, he is a true pet and strong supporter of my evil deeds. 

 All in all, life is good ... very good ... and best of all I have the joy of being just plain nasty, in print :)



 Lea Tassie


Jane Tun


Jane Watson


Rita West


Linda Wiken

What story or stories did you have in which anthology or anthologies?

THE LADIES KILLING CIRCLE – “The White Swan Caper” and ‘There Goes the Neighbourhood”


MENOPAUSE IS MURDER – “Rub-a-dub, Deadly Tub”

FIT TO DIE – “Seeing Red”

BONE DANCE – “Brian’s Song”


GOING OUT WITH A BANG – “Dead Against Telling”

Do you have other published fiction? What have you written?

“A Killer Read”, the first in the Ashton Corners Book Club mysteries (writing as Erika Chase); “Taking Care of Howard” in OVER MY DEAD BODY magazine, Jan. 2002; “Til Death Do Us Part” in MURDEROUS INTENT MYSTERY MAGAZINE, Summer/Fall 1998

Are you still writing? 

Yes. There are two more books coming in the Ashton Corners Book Club mysteries, from Berkley Prime Crime—“Read and Buried” in Dec., 2012; another in 2013; 

“Jackie’s Girls” – short story in the upcoming THE WHOLE SHE-BANG anthology from Toronto Sisters in Crime

Anything else we should know? Awards? TV shows? Song lyrics?

Was short-listed for Best Short Story in the Arthur Ellis Awards from Crime Writers of Canada, 2003 (for “Taking Care of Howard”)

Do you have pets and, if you do, can you briefly tell us something about them?

Two Siamese cats (Keesha & Mojo), who are the inspirations for the two Siamese (Brie & Edam), who ‘own’ the main sleuth, Lizzie Turner in the Ashton Corners Book Club mysteries.


Kris Wood and Pat Wilson

Kris Wood

I wrote for the anthologies with Pat Wilson and our contributions were looked on as comic relief from the more gritty contributions. Our first piece, "Conspicuous Presumption was in Cottage Country Killers and we did a second story with the same characters forMenopause is Murder called, Presumptive Stroke. Fit to Die saw the arriuval of our favourite" hero", Father Peasegood, with, Although on the Other Hand, followed by Three Coins in the Fountain in, Bone Dance.  For Going Out With a Bang we wrote seperate stories and mine, Thinking Outside the box was nominated for an Arthur Award. We collaborated again in 2 anthologies writing, Fish or Cut Bait for, Dead In The Water and , A Bastardly Deed for Locked Up.

Pat and I took Farher Peasgood into a full-length novel called Lucky Strike.

We' ve also written 3 humour books, The Frenchys Connection, Pardon My Frenchys and Extreme Sports of the Maritimes, all with an East Coast slant for Pottersfield Press, children's story and activity books and business material for National Seminars.

I still do a few inspirational pieces for Upper Room and as a hobby write bad doggeral to amuse my friends on special occasions.



I live on Sober Island off the edge of Nova Scotia with my husband, John and cat, Penny Black.


Pat Wilson

What story or stories did you have in which anthology or anthologies?

Written with Kris Wood:

            "Conspicuous Presumption" - Cottage Country Killers

            "Pre-emptive Stroke" - Menopause is Murder

            "Although, on the Other Hand" - Fit To Die

            "Three Coins in a Fountain" - Bone Dance

            "How to Make a Killing in Real Estate" - When Boomers Go Bad


Written on my own:

            ""There's No Business Like Show Business" - Bone Dance

            "Bang the Drum Loudly" - Going Out with a Bang


Do you have other published fiction? What have you written?

            -See the attached credit sheet


Are you still writing?

            Yes. Just finished a new book for Upper Room: "Freedom from Worry".

However, I'm learning to play a bassoon in the Senior's Band, so writing is

taking a back seat for a while.


Anything else we should know? Awards? TV shows? Song lyrics?

            I have written both an audio program and a video program on

self-improvement topics. "Living in Excellence", and "Self Esteem: The Power

to Be Your Best".


Do you have pets and, if you do, can you briefly tell us something about


            Dogs - Thorburn, also known as Thor the Thunder Dog. An old fellow

(13), skipperke who sits under my desk most of the time. A new dog, Scoopy,

a part Maltese terrier, part poodle stray, is arriving with my daughter from

Los Angeles at the end of July. We told Thor we're bringing in a California

girl to perk him up.

            Cats - Marmalady, another old girl at 10, and Lunabelle, a pound

rescue cat who has finally found the life to which she had always wanted to

become accustomed.

            Bird - Charlie Boy: a rescue canary. I saw him in a back room of a

pet shop, sitting in a tiny cage in the dimly lit room, and couldn't leave

him there. He was mute until I brought out one of my Native American flutes

to play, and he hasn't stopped singing since.